Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicken Portobello Lavash Rolls - Fellini's, New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for many things, and good food is high on that list. Since I'm not in my own kitchen this week, I still want to report on some of the delicious food I've been having. Some sweet friends took me to Fellini's today, where we all got lavash rolls. I didn't know what lavash was, but it's similar to puff pastry dough, and this wrap was filled with shredded chicken, portobello mushrooms, mozarella and feta cheeses, and spinach. It was SO good. I can't provide a recipe on this post, but you can search for lavash recipes on the internet. I'll also be looking for lavash in the grocery store. I'd love to go back to Fellini's next time I'm there; they had the best soups listed, and I didn't get to try any of them: corn and crab bisque, portobello and Brie soup, and roated red pepper and Gouda soup. Yum!

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