Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teak Dog Tuesday!

Sorry about the break from TDT last week.

The picture below is of Teak on Sunday being cute and domestic with us.  This is definitely a break from today's Teak.  Earlier today, our next-door neighbors called Buck at work, saying that they heard Teak crying in different way from usual (sad that he has a regular cry!).  They looked outside and saw that Teak got his head stuck in the kennel gate.  He was trying to escape and got stuck!  Thankfully, they rescued him.  He's safeow. and sound and lying on the recliner right now.

But I can't help but wonder... Teak Dog, where were you going to go?  That made me so sad.

1 comment:

  1. AW!! Teak Dog!! I'm glad the neighbors heard him and saved him.

    That picture is so funny. It looks like he has T-Rex hands and huge legs.