Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crescent City Crunch (and An Announcement)

I don't know much about making granola, but luckily, my friend Erica does!  If you want some delicious granola, check out Crescent City Crunch on etsy or Facebook.  She's located in New Orleans, but she ships everywhere, so order some! 

It'll make you feel healthy and good about what you're eating during the winter, when you're probably normally eating a lot of sweets and just generally not working out very much (at least, that's what I do).

However, I'm ready to work out now because WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!  Bizzuck proposed about a month ago, and I'm ecstatic!  We set the date for July, so I have many miles to run between now and then to fit into the dress and look good for the pictures.  So, you should order some granola while I get on the treadmill.  :)


  1. Congrats on announcing your engagement to your culinary community!! Love you, Allie! Thanks for the shout-out!! I have over 40 pounds of granola that I made this weekend so keep the orders coming :)

  2. Thanks! I'm excited, and I just felt like I needed to announce it on here. I'm so glad the granola business is keeping you busy! Keep it up. :)