Monday, October 4, 2010

Roasted Oysters

Consider this Oyster Week on I Hope You're Hungry.  Bizzuck and I had more oysters than we knew what to do with over the weekend, and somehow all of our oyster-eating friends weren't available last night.  We tried them many different ways, and now you get the benefit! 

Normally when we roast oysters, the first thing Biz does is build a very hot fire.  He has a special metal table that he puts over the fire, and then he'll shovel a few dozen oysters in their shells onto the table.  From there, he covers the oysters with sheets of wet burlap, and then sprays the burlap with more water.  After a few minutes, the oyster shells have steamed open, so you can remove the wet burlap to a bucket, shovel the steamed oysters onto a table, and start shucking away.  Like I said, that's normally the way we do it, but of course I didn't take a picture of this when we did it on Saturday.

Sunday was a different story.  We did everything in the oven yesterday; shucking was too difficult without some kind of heat helping us out.  To fix that, we loaded up a baking sheet with as many oysters as possible and loaded them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes.  From there, shuck them (pop them open by sticking a knife in the opening and prying the two sides apart), scrape the oyster onto a cracker, and put a dab of hot sauce on there. 

They're slimy creatures but very tasty!

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