Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teak Dog Tuesday!

Today's edition of Teak Dog Tuesday consists of one picture of Teak and two pictures of shoes he destroyed--within the week.  Teak and I have not had a good week.

Goodbye, pair of black and white wedges.  I used to love wearing you with a black dress.

Goodbye, favorite pair of brown sandals.  I loved your sequins; they really dressed up the flats.  I'll miss you dearly.

Not innocent.


  1. Now I remember why I don't have a dog :) I would die if my dog chewed up my shoes. What can you do though?! Just a good excuse to get new shoes!!

  2. OMG- Allison, this cracked me up and made me sad all at the same time. Teak is not only a world class retriever, but he is also a devious little squirt. Maybe this is his revenge for y'all making him wear those booties? I'm so sorry about your shoes. Britney said it best, he's "Not that innocent!"